The Founder

Founder's Curriculum Vitae

Prof. Dr. Georg Schreiner

14.01.1950 Born in Koeln
1968 Graduation Staatliches Apostelngymnasium Köln, old languages  major
until 05/1973 Business administration studies in Cologne: Diplom-Kaufmann
until 07/1976 Scientific researcher chair Prof. Dr. Szyperski et at BIFOA, graduate scholar, PhD
1976 until 1993 6 months work in the US, 3 years BASF F&F AG, 3 years employed and 8 years director and shareholder of a manufacturing company with about 600 employees, 3 years business consultant
1993 until 1997 Professor for Business Administration and Accounting at Technical University Pforzheim
1997 until 2007 Professor for Business Administration and Planning at  Technical University Cologne
2007 Unpaid sabbatical until retirement (own initiative)
until his death 2015 Self-employed activities, e.g. business consulting, property developer, coach,  asset management, advisory board member, juror  at district court