Diligentia Preisträger(innen)

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2022 prize: Christoph Drobner
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2021 prize: David Schindler, Mark Westcott
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2020 prize: Alain Cohn, Michel Maréchal, David Tannenbaum, Christian Zünd
‘Civic honesty around the globe’, Science, 365, 70-73 (2019).

2019 prize: Peter H. Egger, Sergey Nigai, Nora M. Strecker
‘The Taxing Deed of Globalization’, American Economic Review, 109(2): 353–390 (2019).

2018 prize: Dr. Moritz Marbach
‘The long-term impact of employment bans on the economic integration of refugees’, Sci. Adv., 4.eaap9519 (2018).

2018 prize: Dr. Robin Marwica
‘Emotional Choices’, Oxford University Press, ISBN 978-0-19-879434-9) (2018).